Adeline Gray

I am still training for the Olympics- July 23, 2021We are still selling Gray to Gold Shirt.Email:

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Felt like I was at an art show not my doctor's office with these framed hands on the wall. Happy Monday 💐 hope you take a moment to notice how covid has lowered your expectations of what entertainment is 😂😂 Tell me something you would never had thought about, done or considered exhausting pre covid? Mine are going to the grocery store, seeing the pictures on the wall of the doctor's office and missing museums and having more than one place to go in a day. . . . . . . . #art #graytogold #maskup #doctorofficeart #waitingroomart #womeninsport #highfive #hands #happymonday #covidentertainment

Just letting this soak in... #tokyobound This dream and goal is bigger than just me. It is fulfillment for so many coaches, family, friends, USA Wrestling support staff and fans. I'll put in the work and the effort. What I ask from you is more positive thoughts and a few dedicated workouts and healthy meals for yourself. This dream of Olympic Gold 🥇 drives me to work hard, get more sleep, drink more water and foster relationships to help me on my journey. I want to share it. Please take some time for yourself to take just 2% of this dream and work a little harder in whatever you pick. Do a workout, be more consistent with eating veggies and less sugar, get an extra hour of sleep or start meditation. Let's all do a few more right things to help me have a strong and motivating support team headed into Tokyo. Thank you for the love and support. Be sure to comment the one thing you plan to do! This is a nice dream, borrow it, have it motivate you by proxy. . . . . #graytogold #dream #olympicgold #tokyoolympics #olympics2020ne #health #fitness #supportsystem #abetterme