Adeline Gray

2016 Team USA 2016 Olympian 3X World Champion 6X world team member Women's Freestyle Wrestling Adeline Gray Bio3X World Champion (2012, 2014, 2015) 2X Bronze Medalist (2011, 2013) 6X World Teams Media & sponsor request-

I am so excited to attend this amazing event and support an organization that is helping so many inner city high school athletes compete in wrestling. I have drilled with a handful of them and the hard work and raw talent is more than fun to experience and feel. One of my favorite parts, as a HWT, is to see heavy set, strong athletic women that weigh between 150-210 out on the mat working hard and showing that women's wrestling and sports are not just for the small and fast. There are not many sports big girls get ask to join but here they matter. They are part of a team and learn the same health and mental strength benefits as the rest of wrestlers. Just as men's wrestling has praise for true HWTs I hope this progress of the young ladies in the upper weights shows @unitedworldwrestling that we need more opportunities for upper weights in the near future. I want to see an 80kg in the 2021 World Championships and I can't wait for us to progress to 90 or above. I love that wrestling is for everyone and want to make sure that is avaiable for a true heavy women's weight class. #womeninsport #freestylewrestling #graytogold #wrestlelikeagirl #beatthestreets #btsny

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#mondaymotivation My Jr. World Team Trials reflections notes personal growth and positive movement for women in sport. I made 3 Jr. World Teams-Gold, Silver, DNP and it set the stage for me to go on and be great on the Sr. Level. So many things have changed in just 10 years of wrestling -Rulon's name being on the Aggressor to mine -headgear being replaced by a hair tie in braids - singlet legs being pulled down and a new mouthguard -less weight on my heels in my stance and arms are closer to me A few things that have not changed are how I still have to be brave which each shot I take. I still go out there confident and powerful. Not only do I understand myself and my wrestling better but it's only going to improve from here. #graytogold #wrestlelikeagirl #freestylewrestling #womeninsport

I just punched a light switch. I'm over this not being able to see thing without contacts or glasses. Lasix LASIK LASIK is in my future. 🙈😨