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2016 Team USA 2016 Olympian 3X World Champion 6X world team member Women's Freestyle Wrestling Adeline Gray Bio3X World Champion (2012, 2014, 2015) 2X Bronze Medalist (2011, 2013) 6X World Teams Media & sponsor request-

Just placed my order for Froozer for this weekend and I can't wait to share it with all the young girls coming in to wrestle at Wyoming Sem. Coach Terry Steiner is coming out to run a camp with me before the high school girls then they compete on Sunday. Happy to share good healthy treats with them. #myfavorite #healthytreat #graytogold #froozercrew #sweettreat

My Great Uncle keeps all the places I have been on a big map in his office. Checked off Cheboksary, Russia today and it is a memory I don't want to forget.

iloveoldpeople #grandpa

A little story about my lift today

I went in feeling pretty good, set an intention and started to push myself. A little less than 1/2 through I had to lie down and rest until I felt good enough to try the rest of it. Got it done but couldn't walk out of the gym until I had another little rest. I use to have this fear of pushing myself to the point where I can't do another rep or walk out but the body is amazing and will recover with time. A 20 min rest and a mental reset I was able to finish my workout with my intention in mind. It may have not been the text book workout but I love applying lessons I learned years ago to my training.

improve #graytogold #asicsathlete #lift #gettingstronger #justneededanap

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Teacher says write a short paper.... I'm 7 pages in and almost done.

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Women in Sport!

The Women's Freestyle Wrestling World Cup and Russia Cup was really special to see the progress of women in sports. Thank you #Russia for the accommodations. To see an event with production value and fans and passion from volunteers and workers for a women's only event was outstanding. I was proud to be part of this event and it brought out some great wrestling in myself.

I have made a world team in a high school gym with just my parents there to watch and to grow to now where I had a walk out song, a high light video and a whole stadium of fans and my team cheering was something that proves progress. Thank you Russia for loving wrestling and supporting women with effort, prize money, fans, and appreciation of our athletic abilities.

russiaworldcup #progress #womeninsport⁠…

A few days without internet so here is the update. Was super sick along with a few other teammates for Russia Cup but really proud of how I wrestled for all 4 days. I earned 2nd in the Russia Cup and got to get excited by some of my teammates performances! Really proud to be on #teamusa with theses amazing women.

Had an amazing time bonding with my team but I ended up with 2nd at Russia Cup.