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Recap of my day Wake up 6:30 Breakfast 6:45 am Team Sport Psychology 7:30 #Wrestling practice at 8 #Sauna & Shower Protein pudding bowl 10:30 #PhysicalTherapy #Rehab for my back, shoulder, neck, elbows, and hips from 11- 12 Lunch and meeting with a coach 12:15 A quick doctors visit at 1 Athlete education meeting from 1:15-3 Meet and greet with a sponsor 3-3:30 Quick #snack Wrestled 3:45-4:05 Quick rehydration #Planning meeting with coach #Cardio and #lifted 4:15- 6 Conference call 6-:6:45 Shower Dinner with a friend and hubby 7-8 Quick call with my sister Homework from 8-9 Proofing an article I'm writing 9-9:30 Social media this post lol 9:40-10 Bedtime routine 10-10:30 Sleep until 6am tomorrow and tomorrow is just as busy... . . . . . Side note check out my bomb hair thanks to my teammate Maya #braidsbymaya for making my day a little easier not dealing with my hair. #hustle #planyourday #worktheplan #getstrong #mentally #findtimetotakeanap #naptime #getbetter #graytogold #greatnessawaits #busy #2020vision


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Very excited to announce working with @nateengel and the California Regional Training Center. The Stanford campus is a great fit for me and the CRTC is going to help me with with 2020 Goal of GOLD. I am planning on doing several training camps out there and enjoy the sea level life. I am still living at the OTC in Colorado Springs. Check out the article about why I picked the CRTC @wrestlelikeagirl_ #2020olympics #2020vision #graytogold

#TBT Made some progress today. Winning a world championship may sounds like the work is done once the matches are over but for me winning has to soak in. I almost have to come to terms with what happened. With what I did. It comes in waves and I need to let it settles in at different times. Today I had to unpack some pain and sacrifice that put myself through so I could perform. Nur-Sultan has some memorable moments. . . . . . . #process #cryitout #worldchampion #graytogold #womeninsport #wrestlelikeagirl #teamusa #wrestling #winning #knowwhoyouareandwhy

Coach Terry is a great coach and a fun training partner. He gives me room to create my own path and helps me figure out that I am great at this wrestling lifestyle. . . . . . . #graytogold #2020olympics #2020vision Ps. Can you see the scratch on my leg?