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I am missing my traveling life so here is a Fun memory post! I went to NYC last year and I met up with some friends @claressashields and @phaidraknight for a workout. They had @halleberry jump in the workout. It was very surprising. In my thousands of wrestling workouts this is going in the top 10! I put them all through a wrestling workout. A great memory and made me proud of the #combatathlete world. It is cool to be in a world where women can be strong and powerful. To be accepted and praised for our skills on the mat is amazing. . . . . . . . . #womenincombatsports #womeninsport #halleberry #graytogold #powerfulfriends #womenwholift #strongwoman #wrestling #mma #fitness #stayinshape #memory #imetHalleBerry #myhusbandwassoexcited

thumbnail for new hair very very short hair this new cut is going to take some getting

New hair! Very very short hair. This new cut is going to take some getting use to but I think it is going to be great for getting out of front head locks. It will also be great for keeping my skin clean and healthy headed into these next few months of training. No more braids pulling my scalp or getting hair ties stuck in it or getting it pulled! So many reasons I am happy I cut it. . . . . . . 14-22 year old Adeline would have never wanted or even dreamed that this short hair would happen. Growing up in a boys sport I tried really hard to be seen as a woman. I went over the top girly and dreamed of a curvy body to grow and to be seen as a beautiful women. Still waiting lol! My tone strong body help me win and so will this hair. I am beautiful not because I had long beautiful healthy hair but because of who I am and my dreams and determination that makes me bad ass and productive. . . . . . . I'm in the process of donating my hair 13 inches. I couldn't be happier that a little girl is going to get to feel beautiful, protected and warm from my hair. I took care of it, I never used hot tools on it. I workouted , stay hydrated and ate really healthy. I hope she feels the love and power in that hair. . . .

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