Adeline Gray

I am still training for the Olympics- July 23, 2021We are still selling Gray to Gold Shirt.Email:

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I want to do a thankful Thursday and formally introduce my sister @geneva12gray She has been training with me for over a year now and helps make my process more fun, fulfilling, and easier. A few fun facts about her are. She loves kid movies and her favorite snack is a popsicle and she has had a black eye for 3 weeks straight from training with me. We are trying to give me the best chance to perform and win GOLD at the @tokyo2020 (2021) Olympic Games. We are getting to live a dream, a hard and demanding dream but one filled with enjoyment and experiences. I'm thankful she is here training with me! #throwbackthursday #thankfulthursday . . . . . . . #sisterbonding #tokyoolympics #family #graytogold #highschoolalloveragain #wrestlelikeagirl #olympictraining