Adeline Gray

2016 Team USA 2016 Olympian 3X World Champion 6X world team member Women's Freestyle Wrestling Adeline Gray Bio3X World Champion (2012, 2014, 2015) 2X Bronze Medalist (2011, 2013) 6X World Teams Media & sponsor request-

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Just got back! Checked out of my hotel at 11am Sunday before the finals... It is 10am in Sweden now, 47 hours later and I just got home. How did that happen? I walked from the hotel to the venue Then took a van to the train Train to a bigger train in Denmark Taxi then a plane Overnight in Denmark Flew Zurich Flew to EWR missed my connection so Took a bus to NYC Took a bigger bus to PA Cab to my friends car to get my keys to walk to my room (because at 4am why would uber want to work?)

Sweden you have done it again-maybe I'll come back in another 5 years.

buscost120 #traincost300 #planecost1500 #taxicost70 #beingsomeplacelikehome #ifeellikeishouldwritepricelessbutidontwanna

Just a quick update I am still not home from traveling from Sweden.... not sure how many hours ago I left but i still feel like I am not close.