Adeline Gray

I am still training for the Olympics- July 23, 2021We are still selling Gray to Gold Shirt.Email:

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50 Days until the start of the Olympics! I'll arrive in Tokyo in 44 days. I'll compete in my second Olympics in 59 days. I'll win an Olympic gold medal for Team USA in 60 days. . . I'm not counting or anything. I have a plan and today the plan says recovery afternoon. This morning I had a short drill, a massage, I'll eat, short walk, hydrate, nap, normatec, then two more short walks to keep the body loose ( I'm watching 3 dogs and I don't like to walk them all at once so 3 walks is what my life calls for right now). I'll end with dinner, stretch and prep for tomorrow. . . . . . . #graytogold #roadtotokyo #womensempowerment #womeninsportmatter #tokyoolympics #tokyo2020ne #tokyo2020 #wrestling #olympicgold

Memorial Day is a day for honoring and mourning the military personnel who have died in the performance of their military duties. I feel pride when I get to stand with this flag for I know many good people worked hard to make it possible for my rights to live my life. Today I took some time to reflect on the first funeral of a soldier I attended many years ago. I'll never forget the heartbreak and the silence as the role call sounded with no response from the fallen patriot. With my sister deployed and my husband and friends dedicating their lives to the Armed Forces I feel close to the reality of these costs. I feel proud that smart talented people are working hard and my heart is with them today as they remember their friends and coworkers that have past on. I also want to recognize my Paralympic teammates that have come from the Armed Forces. This day must hold a different gravity and I respect and wish you some peace today as you remember your loved ones and your reality. Sending love and light to our world today. . . . . . . . #memorialday #fallensoldiers #paralympic #woundedwarriorproject #teamusa #usarmy #airforce #armedforces #loveandlight #solidarity