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Did something just for the experience! I talked my dad into coming on this trip. Then I dragged him to the museum of broken relationships, a church, then a play that was 100% in a foreign language. I loved today. I slept in, ate good food, and had a bomb workout with my coach. I was a tourist for a few hours with @dommyparrish & @adam_coooon . Then I rested and watched film on my opponents. We ate dinner then walked to the Croatian National Theatre of Zagreb for a play. I wrestle on Saturday 2 more sleeps. . . . . . . . #travel #theatre #play #seethecity #experience It was fun and interesting to see the differences from other theater experiences. No intermission, no snacks or water. The seats had more room and you were not close to the person in front of you. Very little music was in this play and they were terrible dancers. Lots of yelling in the play. The art of decor was very similar to other theaters I have experienced. I wish I could have seen a ballet so I wasn't so lost in translation. For 9 euro I would go again! Thanks Zagreb!

Stepping onto the mat, surrounded by faces I know and love, was pure magic. I got to do a nostalgic thing yesterday with @btslosangeles and wrestle my first match of the year in front of my family & friends. It was great to have a bunch of the athletes I help from San Pedro High School show up and support! Big thank you to @__malpal__ for the positive coaching! I got what I needed yesterday thanks to you. I hope a picture or two pops up of you in my corner. Thank you to @titan_mercury for having a great group of athletes to step on the mat with @glaudealex & @kaylynnallbrick we supported a great cause and got to prep for this big Olympic year! . . . . #wrestling #btslosangeles #sanpedro #firstmatch #familyandfriends

Got on the mat with @helen_maroulis  signed up for a "light drill" (famous last words, right?), but let's just say "light" got redefined about halfway through. Turns out, Helen's "gentle nudges" are actually tactical pushes to the edge of my comfort zone, and let me tell you, the view from there is both terrifying and exhilarating! ✨ But guess what? Beyond the sweat and shaky legs, I'm learning SO much! Helen's got a magic touch for unlocking hidden potential, and today, I discovered some joy in this process. Feeling incredibly grateful for Helen's expertise and encouragement today. This journey sure ain't easy, but it's definitely worth it (even if my quads might disagree ). Here's to pushing limits, embracing discomfort, and learning (way more than I bargained for!) along the way! #ChallengedButEmpowered #GratefulForMyGuru #SweatIsWorthIt #graytogold

Here is a live look at my face after spending two hours of my precious life doing paperwork for #USADA Couldn't they have waited until I retired to implement a new system? Time to go to practice. Wish I could have gotten a few other things on my to do list done but no USADA has to take up all my time. . . . . . #thisisannoying #youareannoying #morethananathlete #paperworkqueen

Remember that time we wrestled in highschool then in college now in our 30s? Turns out, all it takes is a shared love of wrestling and a decade of questionable fashion choices to turn competition into training partners. Here's to countless competitions, our bodies feeling better, and victory dances. Thanks for making the drive @jackie_thehybrid_cataline to get on the mat with me. #justkeepwrestling #NeverGiveUp #graytogold #wrestling #freestyle

I love them more than words can say. My family & career are something I'm very grateful for. I love my job and I'm proud of what I've accomplished. They make my job even more enjoyable. I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful family and career. I know that I'm not alone in feeling this way. I'm sure that many of you are also grateful for the people and things in your lives that make you happy. So, take a moment today to reflect on what you're grateful for. Share your thoughts with your friends and family. And let them know how much you appreciate them. I'm so grateful for the love and support of my family and friends. I'm also grateful for the opportunities that my career has given me. I'm so lucky to have both of these things in my life. #grateful #family #career #blessed #thankful #love #support #opportunity

Happy birthday to Billie Jean King, a true icon of womens sports and an inspiration to women everywhere! Billie Jean King has achieved so much in her life, both on and off the court. Here are just a few of her accomplishments: Won 39 Grand Slam titles, including 12 in singles, 16 in women's doubles, and 11 in mixed doubles Founded the Women's Sport Foundation! @womenssportsfoundation As well as the Women's Tennis Association (WTA) in 1973, which helped to revolutionize women's professional tennis She helped lead the fight for equal pay for women in tennis, including winning the famous "Battle of the Sexes" against Bobby Riggs in 1973 Advocated for LGBTQ rights and was one of the first openly gay athletes in the world Received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2009 for her contributions to sports and society Billie Jean King is a true role model for women and girls everywhere. She is a champion for equality and has never given up fighting for what she believes in. We are so grateful for her contributions to the world. #happybirthdaybilliejeanking #tennisqueen #equalityfighter #womanpower #billiejeanking #birthdaygirl #tennislegend #womeninsports #equality

About last night... I was the honored athlete at the New York Athletic Club and had the privileged to give a speech to my fellow athletes. I took 3rd at WC after coming back from having twins and it feels more than amazing to know the body and mind are capable of great accomplishments with support. A little bit of my speech was the wish I gave all the athletes as they left the club. - I wish you peace in your past and future decisions.  I wish health and strength for your bodies and mind. I wish your resilience, motivation and girt when you need it most,  I wish you joy in moments that could feel like work, but most of all I wish for you  remember and know when you walk out that door there is a club here that supports you as more than your medals and wins. There are people in your life that care for you as an athlete, an academic, family man or woman, as a human. Remember you are loved. Remember your skills and wins are a gift not just for the club but for yourselves.  Thank you and be proud to wear the winged foot.- Thank you @newyorkac for your past and future support of Olympic sports. . . . . . . #nyac #allsportsdinner #olympicsports #graytogold

I love NYC.

NYC, here I come! 🗽🚕🏙️ I'm so excited to be heading to the Big Apple this weekend. I'm also looking forward to all the delicious food, seeing friends and a Broadway show. NYC in the fall is a magical place. Any recommendations for what I should do and see? Let me know in the comments below! #NYC #NewYork #Manhattan #Travel #Excited #Adventure #WeekendGetaway

Getting the dumbbells in place should be the most difficult part. . . . . . . #pullup #graytogold

The last 24 months I have been pregnant and then getting used to my new body. This is 24 months of adjusting and supporting my body in movement. No shame in making an exercise easier to help the body. This body won a world medal 7 weeks ago and it needed a little balance support in this movement. Do what needs to be done. . . . . . #adjust #postpartum #mybody #newbody #lift #graytogold