Adeline Gray

I am still training for the Olympics- July 23, 2021We are still selling Gray to Gold Shirt.Email:

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Celebrating this silver medal with a shinny silver dress and wonderful people. Thank you to everyone that lost sleep or their voices watching and cheering me at the Olympics. Your kind words, smiling faces and joy was felt and known. Thank you to all my family, friends and fans that support and care for me and my career. It was so nice to see past teachers, friends, coaches and family. . . . . . . . . . . . #silvermedal #olympics2020ne #olympian #graytogold #olympics #party #flowers #joy

A New Frontier of gut balance! Let's talk about gut health. Recovery days are needed but what do you do the day after travel? Do you need a rest day? Does it depend on hydration, rest, if you poop? How hard I go and how many work outs depend on all these factors. I get my digestive system messed up on travel days. One way I try to not get off track is staying as hydrated as possible, picking high fiber foods like a salad and fresh and dried fruit on travel day and I take a probiotic. I like @nellaprobiotics because they are backed by years of research led by some of the best scientists in the world. They are spun out of the Wyss Institute for Biologically inspired Engineering at Harvard University. I dislike the constipated feeling during and post travel days. Not pooping messes with my fitness goals by forcing me to take more many days to recover post travel. Sleep, hydration, chia seeds, high fiber foods and probiotics are how I get back to my regularly scheduled activities for the week so I can train how I need to train. . . . . . . . . #PoweredByFitbiomics #fitbioathlete #athletevoices #athlete #Probiotics #HealthyGut #FromAthletesForAthletes #GutFit #FutureOfFitness #sciencebased #graytogold #poop #constipation From athletes, for athletes. Or anyone that travels!

High tides & Good vibes. What is your family memory from a beach tag who you were with! I'm now presenting my next act... Lol My new favorite pose is the Vanna White. Not so insightful note of the day ↙️ We should all take more vacations. Didn't take enough pics for each of these killer captions so I wrote a caption for everyone with this one gem of a photo. Have a nice day! . . . . . #vacation #beachweather #beachvacation #bythebeach #ocean #vannawhite #bluejumpsuit #blueromper #womeninsportmatter #beach