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My month off the mat is over. Working my way back onto the mat and going to ease into wrestling shape. . . . . Photo 📸art photo credit @justhoch

Ahh 2015 doesn't feel that long ago. This picture was from the 2015 Pan American Games where I had an exciting finals match. The Pan Am Games is currently going on and I made the tough decision to give up my spot and not compete in it. I am feeling a little fomo as I see my other @teamusa friends and teammates enjoy the village, the other sports and the competition. I stand by my decision to not go because I value my month off the mat and do not feel comfortable jumping into a competition without training. The depth within the Pan American countries for my weight has grown and the talent pool (that was always there) has had more opportunities and investments and it shows. I hope this next quad we see more women in North and South America get opportunities and investments in their careers. I'm excited to see so many of my fellow Pan American athletes at the Olympics! See you there. Enjoy the Pan Am Games it is one of my favorite events! . . . . . . . #wrestlesantiago #wrestlechile #panamgames #panamerica #northamerican #southamerica #games #santiagogames

Just out here holding pumpkins 🎃 So excited about my sister making my twins a cousin!

Landed in Hawaii for the most special occasion! Life! My sister is having a baby and I'm getting the honor of being an Auntie. Comment your favorite way to spoil your niece or nephew!

The only animals I fed at the zoo were my own kids. I have been loving a few weeks of less training to do a little more family stuff. . . . . . . . #graytogold #zooday #familyday

Got to watch a few MMA fights last week at #bellator300 Pretty sure I was trying to help them fight from my chair! 1/2 the wrestlers I went there to watch won and 1/2 didn't have a very good day in the office. . . . . . . . . #mma #fighting #fightinginadress #graytogold

I have been just living in the bliss of winning another world medal this past week. 10 Sr. Level medals!  I couldn't have done it without my amazing team of supporters. Thank you to my coaches, teammates, family, and friends for your unwavering belief in me. I am so grateful for your support every step of the way. This feels so special to have a great showing at the Sr. World Championships. A major goal was qualifying the weight and that is done.  This is by far the happiest I have ever been taking third. I wanted to win and I had faith that I could win. I can be the best in the world again. I feel dangerous knowing that I have the blueprint of how to win and I am willing and able to put the work in.   I knew this year was a long shot to be ready enough to make the team and be quality enough to compete with the best women in the world.  I did it and felt like I was enough even if my body didn't feel the same as pre baby.   I am only going to get bigger, stronger and better over the next 11 months.  This medal is for all of us to believe in the strength the human body.  #SrWorldChampionships #BronzeMedal #Teamwork #Grateful

I qualified Team USA a slot in the 76kg WFS in the Paris 2024 Olympics. We went to Serbia with many goals. First on the list was ✅Get the weight qualified Coming into this World Championship someone asked who the toughest people would be in my bracket. I named off Japan, China, Turkey then most of the Pan American counties. I wrestled what felt like all of Asia and Pan Ams lol. I lost to Japan in the 3rd round. I beat Korea, Estonia, China, & Cuba. I bounced back and took 3rd. Most importantly qualified Team USA a slot in the 76kg in the Paris 2024 Olympics. So proud of the talent & success building in Pan America. We qualified 3 of the 5 slots available. . . . . . . . #wrestlebelgrade #graytogold #panam #panamerica #worlds #wrestling

Walked away with a bronze medal from the World Championships and put myself in the finals of the 2024 Olympic Trials!

Won my first two matches and lost to Japan in my third match. I got pulled back in so I will wrestle tomorrow around 11am then when I win I will wrestle for 3rd around 8 pm Belgrade, Serbia time (I think). Still have an important day tomorrow. . . . . . . #wrestlebelgrade #wrestlingfriends

Lifts r done

One year ago, I stepped on the mat for the first time postpartum. Today we are 7 days away from stepping on the mat to make a run at a 7th World title! So much can change in a year. I didn't think I would be sitting here feeling all the emotions of another world championship so soon. I feel stronger than I thought possible. I feel more calm than I remember ever feeling this close to a world title run. It is amazing what this body has been able to accomplish in such a short time. There has been a lot of discipline and effort. Rest and endeavor. Grace and labor. The balance of training and recovery has been found and created this form of power and trust that is going to step on the mat to shine. Go time is coming! . . . . . . #worldchampsionships #postpartum #twinmama #twins #twinmom #proathlete #worldchamp #wrestling #wrestlebelgrade #graytogold